Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everyone Needs Someone...

Life is a journey that began the day we were born. We did not decide to be born and I have this weird feeling that if people were to make a choice, some would have preferred not to be born. We live in a world full of ups and downs, pains and pleasures, wants and wealth, sickness and health, and everything seems to have its cycle. It is impossible to take this journey of life alone; indeed it’s the worst thing that can happen to anyone. At some point you will need a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to and a friend to lean on. Even if you have so much money but no one to share it with, it soon becomes meaningless.

Life is meant to be shared, not lived in isolation. This can be clearly seen in the bible in the book of Genesis. God had to make a companion for Adam because He observed that ‘‘it is not good for man to be alone’’. No matter how independent you think you are, someday you will need someone. The worst feeling in the world is the feeling of loneliness, it can be very depressing. Everybody needs to feel loved and valued, without this life has no meaning. The only place loneliness is permitted is in the grave. Have you noticed that no two people (no matter how close they were) are buried in the same casket? It is because companionship is for this realm.

 The knowledge that you need others to survive on this journey of life should affect the way you treat others. Don’t scare people away. You should value and love the people in your life because they won’t be there forever, it’s just for a season.There is a popular saying that ‘‘you don’t know the value of what you have until you lose it’’.  This should not be so when it comes to the people in our lives .Never miss an opportunity to tell those you love that they mean the world to you. Appreciate them every opportunity you get.

 There is a popular saying ‘‘give a thousand chances to your enemy to become your friend, but don’t give a single chance to your friend to become your enemy’’. Don’t live like you deserve all the good people in your life; know that they are a gift to you and treat them as such. You would never know how important that person is to you until you have to live without him/her. What have I been saying? Everyone needs someone at certain points if not all the time, so cherish the people that make your life work because believe it or not you could never make it on your own.


  1. wonderful work Jasmine, you are realistic and you a have a beautiful flair of keeping your readers in suspense, more articles pleaseeeeeeee
    Great work, cudos

  2. true word pastor....we celebrate u ma!

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  5. nice write up Jasmine, really touching.