Tuesday, July 31, 2012


‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure……’’ Marianne Williamson
Most of us are ignorant of the unique potentials that lie within us. We all have our diverse gifts and abilities, there is no one born without a talent. Some people think they are not talented simply because they cannot sing, dance, write poems and books or perform one kind of sport or the other. Most of us feel that only a few people on earth are talented. In reality, we are all gifted differently, only some of us have not come to the realization of our potentials. 

Many a times, we think of talent only in terms of what we can see a person express, but the abilities of every individual goes far beyond such expressions as singing or dancing; it extends to the wealth of treasure hidden in our minds.

Your greatest asset is your mind. The mind is a realm where anything can be conceived and no limitations exist. The energy and capacity of the human mind is unquantifiable. Everyone with a functional mind is not just talented but wealthy because the mind has enormous ability to produce great things.

The mind is a place where anything is possible. Your mind has an eye; it can see what even your optical eye is not equipped to see. Depending on how it is utilized, your mind can be a tool for progress or regress. The mind is filled with immense wealth that a man cannot totally exhaust throughout his life time. There is a popular saying that ‘‘the grave is the wealthiest place on earth’’, this is because of the number of people who die without tapping into the enormous potentials of their mind.

Every man with a functional mind is fully equipped for greatness because all a man needs to change his life is an idea, and ideas are born in the mind. The mind needs to be constantly stimulated and equipped with relevant knowledge to function at its best. Knowledge empowers, emboldens and helps you discover your abilities. You can get the right knowledge from reading books and listening to people that have achieved success in life.

Do you know how much you can achieve if only you engage your mind? If you continue to look at the things you cannot do in life, you would not go very far.  The one thing you have at your disposal is your mind, take time to look inwards and don’t be afraid to dream or create anything in your mind because you can achieve anything that your mind can conceive as long as you are willing to pay the price.

For those who have trained their minds and are brave enough to pursue their dreams, nothing is impossible to them. Remember, you have no limitations except the ones you place on yourself.  You are responsible for the outcome of your life, you and only you. You are great and amazingly talented; don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. It is up to you to determine how much of that greatness you want to express.